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January 15, 2008

Garrett To Baltimore Isn't Exactly a Sure Thing

Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett's move to Baltimore to be the next head coach of the Ravens isn't exactly a guaranteed.
The general feeling throughout Valley Ranch before the regular season ended was the Garrett would stay with the Cowboys for at least one more season, regardless of what offers came.
That theory is being seriously tested right now.
The Ravens have a team that one season ago won 13 games, and has serious defensive playmakers in Bart Scott, Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. The problem is the Ravens do not have a quarterback. Steve McNair's body is that of a 94-year-old man, and he's expected to retire. Kyle Boller has repeatedly proven he was not a first round pick, and is at best a backup.
So does Garrett want that job?
"He loves the Cowboys and he has a great respect for Jerry Jones," said Garrett's father, former Cowboys scout and long time NFL man Jim Garrett this morning. "I don't know what the circumstances are going to be. I don't know if Jason would want to stay with the Cowboys, if any promises have been made or anything like that. ... These (head coaching) jobs are really hard to come by. There are some warriors in this league who have been around a long time and never got a shot."
Jim Garrett said he didn't know if his son had been offered the job, or which direction he was leaning.
But both Jim Garrett and former Cowboys quarterback and Garrett's friend Troy Aikman said Tuesday that the first-year offensive coordinator loves the area, is loyal to the Jones family and the Cowboys.
If Jason does leave, expect him to take his brother and Cowboys tight ends coach John Garrett with him.

- Mac Engel


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