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January 13, 2008

Postgame quotables, Cowboys defense version

Terence Newman: It was really tough. Our defense has played will all year. We came out today and just couldn't get anything going. At times, we made some key stops in the fourth quarter but until then we just stunk, we didn't help our offense out that much at all. ... We are definitely disappointed. You go into every season thinking you are going to make it to the Super Bowl and then for us to lose at home after a 13-3 season, it definitely hurt. ... We have a special team, but someone else has a more special team.

Anthony Spencer: We played very well during the regular season to get this far and to lose like this is just, like, you really can't do ... I don't know ...It's the playoffs. It's do or die, either you win or go home. We definitely made some plays but we didn't make enough plays when it comes down to it.

Marcus Spears: You don't talk about those things because it comes back to haunt you. You deal with those things, you come in to halftime and try to adjust it so that hopefully the offense gets us in the endzone one more time. But you can't let those kind of things happen. I think they got the ball with 30 seconds and defense had to step up and make a play. We didn't. ... New York runs well. That's what they do, that's what they came to do. I don't know how many yards they ended up with, but we started getting the running game in hand eventually. But it was a total team effort. Maybe if we didn't let those runs pop in the first quarter, we wouldn't be in this situation right now. ... You never go into games like this thinking you're going to lose. You're playing a divisional opponent that you've played twice already. We went out expecting a win. We didn't get it done and those kind of things happen in football. But it surely is had when you don't have any games left.


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lets hope the mav`s do better.as for the cowboys whats done is done.i`m feeling bad for jerry jones he has really done all he could.

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