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January 13, 2008

Postgame quotables, Tony Romo version

On how devastating this loss it: It hurts. It's hard for us because right after last season, we started building for this time and when it doesn't happen, it's very disappointing. I was sitting there remembering all the little things you do to put yourself in a position to succeed, all the things players do to try to win games. What you guys don't see is the stuff we believe in. It's what we do in February and March. Then the season takes care of itself. We had good position going into the playoffs, and it's just so disappointing because you put in so much time. When you don't come through, especially at the quarterback position, it's a tough pill to swallow.

On if there's a difference in how he felt last year and now this year: No. They both sucked.

On how deflating the Giants' touchdown was at the end of the first half: Momentum-wise, it obviously didn't help. Give the Giants credit, they did a good job today. Our guys up front battled them hard, and it was a great game. But I'm just very frustrated and very disappointed.

On the last offensive play on fourth down: We had a double post, that's what we call it. They kind of doubled T.O. and Terry had a guy running with him up the middle and I think he was the only guy with single coverage on the play. It's fourth down, theoretically, in another time, in another game, you check it down. But you really can't there. I had to throw it.

On the offensive production not being the same in the past month:
I felt like we moved the ball today. Their offense kept us off the field, too. We had some long drives that we had to go down to get a field goal, and at least that was a positive.

On how he feels about his team: We obviously didn't win this game tonight, but I think the Giants are a good football team. I thought we were a good football team -- I still do. We had too many things tonight that hurt us. Whether it was penalties or things that allowed them to stay on the field, or us to get off the field. I think when you look at the field-position battle, we really got killed in that battle.

On he Giants: I felt like they were the toughest team. I told guys all year that I felt like we'd see them again. They were the toughest team we faced this year, besides New England.

On if he has any regrets based on the decisions he's made in the past weeks: No. I don't live with regrets. I'm content in my own skin. If I try and be a good person and I'm strong enough in my faith, if I'm strong enough in what I'm trying to do then I feel like I'm doing it the right way.


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Tony is a celebrity-craving selfish player. For three and a half years in Dallas, he had to put up with cute girls at clubs laughing in his face when he told them he was a QB for the Dallas Cowboys. When he became the starter, he couldn't wait to enjoy the rewards.

We keep hearing: "This is only Romo's second season as a starter, so he's still gonna get better as a QB". Think about it: he's only started 25 games for the Cowboys, and we've already had girlfriend distractions and vacation fiascos in about a half-dozen games. Aikman "only" started 10 seasons for the Cowboys. SuperBowl wins: 3; Girl distractions: 0. Staubach started 8 full seasons. SuperBowl wins: 2; Girl distractions: 0.

Way to spend $67 mil, Jerry!!!

Mr Rogers

Why is everyone crying about Romo. If he made the last pass he would have been a hero.

Give the man credit for his skills. Look at Brady, a baby with a supermodel and 17 wins.....

P.S. The Cowboys lost even though Coach Coughlin got conservative agaain and tried to let them win two times in the last 5 minutes.

Go Giants

I was thrilled to see Jerry Jones's face on the side lines contorting in utter pain of the loss. I was elated to see Owens crying like a quivering lipped baby. The only thing I was sorry about was that Bill Parcells wasn't still the coach to share the utter pain and feeling of nothingness as completely humbled "Boys" fans do.

Go Giants

Tony, Sunday nights play-off game with the Giants is the reason you don't go to Cancun during your bye week. Where was Brett Favre last week? At home with his wife and 2 daughters getting mentally prepared. Where did Troy Aikman go in 92, 93, and 95 during the buy week? Home and worked on mental prep. Where did Roger Staubach go during a bye week? No where, he stayed home and got mentally prepared. Where was Peyton Manning during his bye week? At Home watching some game films and getting mentally prepared. Where Was Tom Brady during his bye week? At home getting ready for his next game. Are you starting to see a little pattern here?

Tony you have 4 months to chase Jessicas rear end. But, while you are making millions to play QB for the Cowboys, you need to keep your head focused on whats coming up.

As a fan, I am very upset with your actions. You have been quoted as saying that, "as a kid Brett Favre was your hero," well why don't you try and act like him.

You wouldn't go out partying the night before you were scheduled to take an exam to get a license to practice medicine eould you? I know I wouldn't.

Greg G.

The Cowboys folded...pure and simple! Too many penalities, too many missed tackles, too many missed opporuntities, too few points put on the board compared to the first 12 games. Is it really true about December and Janurary games, ie "The Cowboys can't win the big games any more"? I sure do miss the Meridith,Staubach and Aikman Cowboy teams. I wonder how far Bob Lilly would have thrown his helment after this last game. Maybe to Arizona?

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