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January 13, 2008

Postgame quotables, Wade Phillps version

"We fought all the way, it looks like we had a lot of penalties that really hurt us field position-wise. We just couldn't make the plays when we needed to make them. The Giants were a good football team. We knew that. We knew it was hard to beat somebody three times in one year. Really, I thought the touchdown before the half was the one that really hurt us. That and they played real well in the second half. I think they held us to three points in the second half. We lacked field position through the game, and that was our fault. And we had the penalties on key plays, certainly. We had the 15-yard penalty on the reception to Witten for a first down.

"I'm disappointed overall. It was 14-14 at half and we still had a chance to win.

"I think we're a very good football team. From year to year, it changes obviously.

"We had a mixup on personnel. We had too many guys out there and couldn't afford a penalty in that situation so we called a timeout.

"I thought we moved the ball well, we played aggressive, we ran the ball better. We didn't have any trouble running the ball, I thought. I thought we established a better running game. I think we were controlling the game. We let them back in and that gave them hope. Then we gave them field position and had to settle for three points instead of seven.

"In the first half, we had them worn-down a little bit defensively.

"We felt like we could throw, we did throw it well. I don't know how many yards we had, but we did throw it well.

"We didn't play well enough to win. We didn't coach well enough to win.


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its tuff to take ,i know this team is better than the giants, every area of the game said so accept one the win lose AREA, i love the cowboys im forty years old and been with them threw good bad and ugly, i know all the greats im from charlseton,il where tony played his college ball at and as a kid played on the same field where tony played, six inches of snow on the ground me and my friends out there 0 degree weather playing ball counting down three two one staubach gos back flushed out of the pocket throws down field to pearson ITS A TOUCHDOWN the crowd gos crazy files out onto the field (that was my childhood) I LOVE THIS TEAM WIN LOSE OR DRAW are they a better team than the giants Absolutly they are my team . but ONLY IN DEFEAT CAN THEY FIND THEIR PATH TO THE SUPERBOWL IT WAS THE SAME WAY FOR THE 90S COWBOYS THEY HAD TO LOSE A FEW TO SEE WHAT IT TOOK ,I BELEAVE IN THIS TEAM AND THERE ARE ALOT OF HATERS OUT THERE, BUT REMEMBER THESE BAD TIMES BECAUSE THEIR ARE SUPERBOWLS IN THE FUTURE FOR THIS TEAM YOU HATERS JUST WATCH ITS COMING AND JUST LIKE THE PATRIOTS SEASON THIS YEAR THERE JUST WONT BE ANY STOPPING IT.

Leave the Cowboys alone. It is nobodys fault. It just happen! They did great! 13-3 was better than the last few years. The newspaper or anybody couldn't have done it any better. They took a vacation like everybody else does, that is their own personal business. Just leave the Dallas Cowboys alone and mind your own business. Just support them no matter what.

As a die hard 49er's fan all I can say is HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS YEHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

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