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January 03, 2008

Roy Williams going to Pro Bowl

Safety Roy Williams will make the Pro Bowl after all.

Williams was added to the team today.

Ken Hamilin, who was voted to the Pro Bowl as a reserve, will replace the late Sean Taylor of the Washington Redskins. Williams is added to the team as a reserve.

The game is Feb. 10 in Hawaii.

Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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as a dallas fan, it's been pretty apparent since '04 that he stinks as a safety. either make him a linebacker, or cut his sorry behind. as it stands, he's a liabilty, at best. and while we're making cuts, show julius jones the door, as well. PLEASE!

Roy Willy has always had coverage problems. That was his reputation coming out of OU. The bottom line is that it is completely up to him whether or not he improves his game. Obviously he's perfectly content to get humiliated when the other team singles him out as the weak link. If it were me, I'd be trying to improve my pass coverage skills to surprise an opponent who thought they had an easy 6. That's me though.

Even if every living (and dead) Cowboy fan and hater voted for RW, that wouldn't get him into the Pro Bowl. It would merely get him one third of the way there. The coaches' vote counts as one third and the players' vote count as one third. Obviously, the coaches and players must think more of him than us. Or, as I previously posted, there just isn't any other name that jumps out at me. Just the fruits of having the best record in the NFC I guess.

It's so easy to be critical of Roy these days. As we have seen, it only takes one play. And, yes, his pass coverage is not great when he is in those situations. But, as his tackle count proves, he is still making plays. If you are not looking for anything good from Roy, then you will not find it.

Somebody sees the good in him...or he wouldn't have made it. Just none of you.

The ONLY reason Roy-Will made it to Hawaii is because of the fans who voted for him. Even as a die-hard fan, i couldn't imagine voting for a guy who can't tackle OR cover!!! Shame on any Cowboys fan who voted him in!!!! Open your eyes!!!

I just thought he couldn't cover anyone. I didn't realize he couldn't tackle anyone. I guess ESPN needs to adjust their stats as they show Roy as the Cowboy's second leading tackler with 90+ tackles.

I suppose the reason Roy got in is because when you look at other NFC strong safeties, no one really stands out. Then the next step is "Who are the safeties on the playoff teams?".

Is Roy the best of that bunch? If not, who is?

Has anyone watched Roy Williams play? He can't even tackle anymore. He has no ability to wrap up a player. Wow, I am just shocked by this.

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