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January 13, 2008

Tailgating PSLs

Img_0630 If you have ever been to a game at Texas Stadium, chances are you've passed the tailgating spot run by Felix Chavez and friends. They're stationed right before the pedestrian bridge leading to the stadium and have a large sign that says "Reserved for Cowboys fans, only!"

So imagine my surprise when I came upon two jersey-wearing Giants fans hanging out at the tailgate.

"We gave them permission to stay here, but they have to stand outside the tent," said Chris Fennell. "We've already hazed them publicly."

Steve Popp, from Houston, is a season-ticket holder for the Giants. In edition to paying for his tickets for today's game, he also had to buy a "personal space license" from Chavez.

"I brought two 18-packs of beer and some brats. That buys you a space near the tailgate," said Popp.

Some game predictions:
Chavez: 24-10, Cowboys
Popp: 35-17, Giants
Fennell: 41-10


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