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January 13, 2008

T.O. creates problemo

As T.O. said in his interview with NFL Network and Deion Sanders, he let the cat out of the bag. Tony Romo's little bye week trip to Mexico with Jessica Simpson was all T.O.'s doing.

   Blame it on T.O.

   Owens paid for the trip as an apology to the couple for his comments that shook up Daisy Duke. A few weeks back T.O. joked Jessica was pulling away Romo's focus.

   ``That was my apology trip to Jessica and Romo, so I sent them on that trip to get away for the bye week,'' Owens. ``I just tried to correct a harmless little joking matter that I did.''

    No word on who paid for Bobby Carpenter's portion of the trip.

_ Rick Herrin



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