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January 18, 2008

Wade not mad about the money

   Cowboys coach Wade Phillips is not bothered by new assistant head coach/offensive coodinator Jason Garrett's huge pay increase. Garrett is now the highest paid assistant in the NFL and is believed to be making about the same amount of money -- $3 million -- that Phillips is making.

   ``If you know me, you know that it doesn't bother me at all,'' Phillips said Friday. ``I'm happy for my coaches when they get a raise. I want all my assistant coaches to make all they can.''

_ Rick Herrin


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Wade shouldn't be mad about the money. What he should be mad about is the fact that his QB doesn't know how to wear a hat.

The Cowboys will not win another Super Bowl, unless and until Jerry Jones accepts the fact that he IS NOT the Football Guru that he thinks he is. Jerry is about BIG I, little you! He has to have that spotlight on himself. He drove off Jimmy Johnson because of his own selfishness. He is not a GM. And, in spite of spending tons of money, real CLASS has eluded him. He is proof positive that you can't "Make a Silk Purse out of a Sows Ear".

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