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January 12, 2008

Your Turn: Prediction Time

The Cowboys' first playoff game of the season is finally here. We know the Green Bay Packers made easy work of the Seattle Seahawks in the first NFC game. Will the Cowboys do the same to the visiting Giants?

Your turn: In the comments below, give us your prediction for the game.


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I say young cowboys lose first game with Giants 28-24, and then go on to win the second game.

I just hope that the "moral" victory against the Pats is enough to satiate the G-girl's desire, because their season comes crumbling down on the Texas Stadium turf on this Sunday afternoon with not even so much as a moral to be had. GO COWBOYS!!! Bring on the Cheeseheads!

Cowbys win MB3 comes up huge 85 on the groung and 115 in the air wirh 2 scores Romo has a decent day 22-31 245 2 tds and a pick T.O is a non factor but causes the Giants to pay to much attention. Witten also grabs 8 balls for 91 yards PRINT IT

my prediction? PAIN!


Hey Jerry, now you get to see the real Wade Phillips. Your only hope is that the real Jason Garrett manifests some decent offense.

I have no confidence in this Cowboys team anymore.
Remember Golden State, Dallas?
Giants 31-13.

I believe this will be a very close game. I say the Cowboys edge the Giants 27-24.

T.O. will blow out his ankle which will cause Romo to start choking. Giants win it 42 - 17

we own the Giants this year. Eli is terrible under the rush and will throw poor passes when feeling the heat of Ellis and Ware. The offense will light up the skies and the C-Men will get the G-Men packing to the NYC. Next up, GB in Dallas. Dallas will be even tougher now because they everything to loose and TO and TG and others such as Crayton, Hurd, and Miles will all catch balls that day. And my boy Witten will flatten a couple of players and score TWO TD's. Then New England...We will win in the greatest super bowl in recent years. 31-28, Dallas!

With Barber starting we(Dallas) is serious about winning this game. Defense will show up big in this game.

Ownen goes out in 1st Quarter, Romo throws more picks than TD's. Eli has a decent game. Giants 26 Cowboys 19. Get on a plane to Vegas and Moneyline the Giants!

The Cowboys showed that they could play as team early in the season before all the other teams. All the other teams have caught up and passed them by. I don't they have what it takes to pull it off... then again, they have shown they can come from behind.


It'll be a tight game....but Dallas will prevail and we'll take the Superbowl - Dallas all the way, baby!!!

Cowboys win big... 35-13 Ya heard it here first

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