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January 13, 2008

Your Turn: Thoughts on the Loss

Tough loss, Cowboys fans.

Your Turn: What are your thoughts on the Cowboys and the 21-17 loss to the Giants in the divisional round?

Tell us in the comments below.


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The dropped passes by Crayton and the over throw by Romo to Owens gave the game away. Letting the Giants go down the field and tie the game at halftime could not be overcome in the second half. Once again the coaching and play calling along with starting Barber shows how the coaching staff did not manage this type of playoff game. 13-3 meant nothing at that point.

I'm sorry the Cowboys lost. However, I'm a LOYAL fan. I love'em when they win, I love'em when they lose too. sometimes you win and sometimes you lose but ALWAYS you support the team. I love the Cowboys!

Hey idiot Giants, Eagles, Skins, and Packers fans. It was NFL FILMS that gave the Cowboys the name "America's Team", as the title to one of its annual highlight films. So get your stories straight, you perennial losers! Yeah, the Cowboys choked, and got beat. No argument there. But the best thing about it is, the Cowboys are back, baby!! Tied for the 3rd youngest franchise in the NFL. Other teams knocking down their doors to hire their coaches. Live with it, because this team, while certainly not perfect, has all the pieces to be a pain in your a**es for years to come.

4 moves this offseason must happen for this debacle to not be repeated: (1) Cut Patrick Crayton now for his worthless play, (2) Ship Roy Williams and Jacque Reeves with him and draft a lock down corner to play opposite Newman - I suggest Reggie Smith from OU if he comes out and move Henry to safety, (3) draft a possession receiver (ala Wes Welker) and (4) make the offensive lineman (and other players who commit dumb costly penalties at crucial times) do pushups or updowns on the sideline until they puke. Our lack of discipline Sunday was inexcusable.

P.S. Stop blaming Romo...he put the ball where it needed to be on all but 2 passes.

I blame Wade Phillips. You don't just let your players off for more than two days when the obvious need to PREPARE FOR THE GAME is obvious. Having had the blessing of a bye-week to actually study, practice, and stay sharp, they should have taken FULL ADVANTAGE of that opportunity..........

That said, I still like his overall demeanor and efforts....
He just made the fatal mistake of not controlling and keeping his players FOCUSED AND READY.

Now, if we could only rid ourselves of Jerry Jones.........
If we're not that lucky, shut the hell up and stay in your box.


I loved it when the pompous one, Jerry Jones positions himself on the sideline next to the coach and they pan to him when Romo throws the final interception. Priceless... How 'bout them Cowboys?!!

Which team is America's Team? When the Packers played in Minneapolis, the Vikings' Antoine Winfield complained afterward that he'd never played against a team with two home fields, noting all the Packer fans in the stands. The Viking offense, in their own stadium, went to silent counts because of all the cheering for the Packer D. Kansas City reporters noted that they hadn't seen so many visiting fans since the mid-80s. Denver players complained and reporters noted they'd never seen so many visiting fans. The Packers put 20-30,000 fans in every stadium they visit. Detroit and Minnesota, and Tampa Bay in the old Central Division, modified their ticket sales programs to try to limit sales to Packer fans. This happens every year, regardless of the Packers' record. The Green and Gold is America's Team, cowpokes.

We were looking forward to a rematch down in Dallas, but I'm not too disappointed in the Giants' win. The week will be exciting, and come Sunday GB will be electric! Go, Pack, Go!

THUMP, what in the world was that? No it wasn't an alien space ship crashing to the ground like in War of The Worlds, it was the Cowboys season coming to a crashing end.

I thought the NFL season was a 16 game season. Why would you guit playing after going 11 - 1. But actually as another viewer stated we quit playing after half-time of the Green Bay game. Where in the world do you think you're good enough to coast the rest of the season. Yes you may have the talent but you have to play the games no matter how good you look on paper.

As Big Bill would say you are what you are and the Cowboys are playoff loser once again.

Where do we start, lets start with the defense. We should of blitzed Eli so much he would of been jumpy in the locker room at half-time. Who hit me? Who hit me?

Why in the world would you play 10 to 20 yards off a receiver in the redzone and back pedal when the ball is snapped. Have the db's or defensive coordinator ever heard of press coverage. You have to give it to GB, they'll play press coverage no matter what, you're just going to have to beat them. The defense lost it at the beginning of the season when the let Aaron Glenn go. So he was getting long in the tooth, he still was better the Jacques Reeves.

Now for the offense, 4 words, "Catch The Damn Ball", And don't blame Wade Phillips, if memory serves me right the boys were one of the most penalize teams under Parcells and he was a very strict coach and we saw where that got us.

Yeah they got away for their regular game plan by going conservative, but then you got away from that in the second half. You only ran Marion Barber 11 times in the second half, You stop going to TO, and you didn't take advantage of having TO, Jason Witten, and Terry Glenn on the field at the same time.

I don't know what happen to the O-Line, it's like they didn't show up after half-time.

Now as for next year, you don't burn down the whole house to get rid of a couple of bad boards, you replace them. The talent is there, even with the coaches they have, the players are going to have to want it themselves. Hmmm maybe they can all take TO's work ethic.

Well at lease we didn't look as bad as Indy or Seattle. Ouch!

Time has run out on Roy Willy. Either make a linebacker out of him or save the money and buy a good cornerback or safety to cover and keep up with the opponents. The defense yesterday was lacking in coverage.

Time to start thinking about the offseason. First and foremost, the offense isn't the main issue. Yes, they choked when it counted (Patrick "FredEx" Crayton), but that was probably due to lack of preparation on the coaching staff. The 'boys need to find some GREAT, not just good, cover corners in the upcoming draft. They also need to find a replacement for Roy "Can't even wrap up a gift" Williams. Fixing the secondary will allow the D to bring it to the opposition, hopefully forcing opposing offenses into more mistakes, instead of allowing the 47 second scoring drive at the end of the half. The draft will be key in determining the cowboys success next year.

I was/am extremly disappointed because we underachieved vastly.We need to fire the special teams coach because the kick and punt coverage was poor all season long.The defense is soft across the board.The front seven is not stiff enough,and we play too soft coverage wise in the secondary.But I saw during the season that the defense was suspect luckily the offense scored a lot of points during most of the regular season because if not we would have been 8-8 or less maybe.You saw what happened the last few games when the offense could'nt score the defense was not able to stop the opponnet except for the Eagles.Bottom line they are undiscipline and not tough enough.

You fair weather fans make me giggle with your posts that throw your team under the bus. I guess it's better to sling your poison here than to walk the streets ranting and picking fights with anyone who doesn't agree with you. It's time to get over this and look toward next year with a renewed hope that things will be different. After all, this IS the first season with this teams' new coaching staff and systems, and look how well they did. I think this bodes well for our 'boys for next year. Try having a bit of faith.

Everyone believed the HYPE...... even the Cowboys players.
Without discipline from top down, this team??? will never win the big one. Only the ones that don't matter to promote the HYPE and get all the players big contracts and overpriced tickets for the fans, that just keep buying in.....

The Boys were well in control the 1st half until the Giants scored at half time. The Boys just flat sleeped walked through the entire second half. Once again mistakes and penalties killed them. It's hard to beat any team 3 times in one season especially one as good as the Giants on the road. Had Jerry worked as hard for the Cowboys as he did pushing and promoting the NFL Network the team might not be so poor on the fundementals of football ! Win or Lose it falls in Jerry's lap. He is the owner and responsible for everything Cowboys, unfortunately !

Seeing Jerry Jones seething on the sidelines was priceless! Thank you giantsfor the win.

WELL, WELL, WELL - they did it again. I am a 60 year old woman and I could have played better than Romo did yesterday. Hey Jerry, give me the job!!


Listen here all you "fair-weather" fans, for those of you that can't stand the heat... you need to get out of the kitchen. If you are a true fan, you support your team through thick and thin... from the looks of the comments on this blog... these so-called fans are the real losers..
I'll be wearing my Cowboys gear loud and proud...

0 playoff victories since the 1996...

0-6 when playing same team 3rd time in a season...

0-5 playoff record for the coach...

0-2 playoff record for the QB (but he's young)....

4-5 in December the last two seasons....

5-4 NY Giants in last 9 visits to Texas Stadium...

If this loss is a suprise, you've had your head in the sand! This team needs to learn to close out a game before they can possibly be ready to close out a season.

13-3 when we should have been 10-6 (Buffalo, Detroit, Washington in Nov)...Look at reality. We were very lucky many, many times this year. True Blue fans will see this as a step forward. The loss sucks, but in the grand scheme of things the 'Boys are headed in the right direction.

We gotta get some things fixed (penalties, special teams, defensive secondary), but, Romo is real. He's only started 28 games in the NFL. Where were Roger or Troy after 28 games? Give him a break.

I hate to admit when T.O. is right, but, this was a team effort. The team wasn't ready and neither were the coaches.

.....besides, we've got Jerry, and he "got it right", by bringing in Mr. Fix-It instead of Norv...oh, yeah, Norv's team is still playing....

WELL, which blonde do we blame this time???

the cowboys suck, but the cowboy fans are worse...
you guys are hot and cold - whichever way the scores blow...

but i sure like wade...


It was all over after the 45 second TD drive at the end of the first half. Horrible decision making by coaches and Romo, but especially the coaches, was the ultimate undoing. I love my 'Boys but this team still does not have the magic it takes.

PS Theres no crying in football

the GIANTS were the better team in the second half.they started taking barber out at the legs and put pressure on romo,which he has not dealt with much this year.the G-MEN just showed more heart and are road warriors this year by going 9 an 1 this year so far.oh,by the way tiki who,stick with tv tiki.

Fire Jason Garrett!!! He just always had that smug of a smile, that's because he could'nt believe the stuff he was calling actually worked... for a little while. When it came to crunch time he folded like orgami under pressure. I say let him go to whoever wants him as a head coach, he shouln't be allowed to hold a clipboard on the sideline. LET HIM GO, either through other team or right out the front door. He's no coordinator much less a head coach, you kidding me head coach of THE Dallas Cowboys. Bye. Pack your %$@#*. JG is the main reason the offense got stuffed, the Giants had already seen everything he knew, no new wrinkles or nothing. By week 14 opposing teams figured JG out. Jerry Jones show Jason the door and tell him "Don't come back!".

Dallas is CHOKE CITY!

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