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February 29, 2008

Cowboys are tight

Hold your horses on all those Javon Walker and Tatum Bell rumors.

While the teams around the league are making a flurry of free agent moves, expect nary a peep out of the Cowboys' Valley Ranch headquarters over the next few days.

The Cowboys are very tight against the 2008 cap _ with barely enough money to sign their draft picks. The trade of Jason Ferguson now gives the Cowboys around $3 million in cap room.

So don't expect them to be a major player in free agency. They have no scheduled visits with any free agent prospects.

Now this doesn't mean they won't add a player or two in free agency. They will likely have to restructure a couple of contracts to do so and it will almost certainly have to come at the right price.

Walker is going to have to come down his price considerably to make all the Walker to Dallas rumors come true. And that's not even including the questions whether he can co-exist with Terrell Owens.

According to those in the know in Denver, he had trouble co-existing with Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall.

And while Bell is a DeSoto native and would provide a nice speed complement to Marion Barber, at the current moment there is nothing to the Bell to Dallas rumors.

According to a source, there is not even a visit scheduled.

Again stay tuned.

--Clarence Hill


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Well that's good news. We can do better than Bell, who is overrated by many, with a late draft pick like Cory Boyd, and we don't need another WR with a bum knee.

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