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February 27, 2008

Cowboys selling "55" for Thomas now

I guess this media stuff does work. No its not quite Watergate. But apparently stories in the newspaper yesterday about the Cowboys selling Zach Thomas jersey's with No. 54 caused them to rethink what was a disrespectful act. Certainly, everybody is excited about the Thomas signing but there is no need to step on Bobby Carpenter in the process. Carpenter still wear's No. 54. And while there's a chance he could sell it to Thomas, he hasn't yet. The selling of the jersey caused many to think the Cowboys had cut Carpenter or planned to cut him, which is not the case.  The Cowboys have since changed the number on their website. They are now selling a Thomas jersey with No. 55 on it. It also has the qualifier that the number is subject to change and jersey will not be delivered until the number is finalized.



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