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February 25, 2008

Flozell Not a Sure Thing

A pair of NFL sources said Monday morning that the return of Flozell Adams to the Cowboys does not appear imminent. It was originally thought the two sides had reached at least some groundwork of an agreement in the area of a four-year contract.
But the Cowboys are reluctant to pay Adams what he believes the market will bear out, so his return appears shaky, at best.

- Mac Engel


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If Flozell wants to bail on his team when they are so close, screw the man. The team will pay him a fair price for his services, but it's looking like old age and greed count more to Adams than a championship. C'mon Flozell, don't be a greedy ass. You'll come across looking like Tiki Barber. Well, no one could be as big an ass as Tiki Pricki Barber.

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