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February 21, 2008

No Big Bill

Former Cowboys director of scouting Jeff Ireland is in Indianapolis this weekend in his first go here as the Dolphins general manager. He was walking around today with new coach and former Cowboys offensive line coach Tony Sparano.
Not shockingly both men, who last season with the Cowboys were quite affable with the media, weren't exactly chummy on Thursday.
Not to take offense, they are working for Bill Parcells these days, who has yet to be spotted here in Indy. Parcells is renowned for keeping a tight lid on just what words are spoken and how they are said to the media, so no one should be surprised if suddenly Ireland, Sparano and the other former Cowboys who flew south for new digs suddenly are about as loud as Marcel Marceau.
Parcells may not fly up here for this; he wasn't crazy about it when he was coaching the Cowboys, primarily because of the crowds.
This "event" has turned into much more than a workout for NFL hopefuls. Companies that produce exercise equipment, sports drinks, etc. all come here in the hopes of selling products and landing contracts with franchises.
People come here in hopes of looking for jobs.
And some people come up here in an effort to just be out of the house for a little while.

- Mac Engel


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