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February 21, 2008

Where will Richard Bartel go ?

With NFL Europe been kicked to the curb because the league decided it was a giant waste of money and the Euros cared considerably more about futbol and not football there is some collateral damage. Namely, the game overseas was an ideal spot for quarterbacks to gain some valuable game time they would otherwise not see.
The Cowboys once sent Drew Henson there.
The lack of a "developmental" league affects the Cowboys with second-year player and former Grapevine star Richard Bartel, who spent all of his rookie year on the practice squad. The Cowboys want to keep him around, but at some point he needs to play if they think he has any potential to even become a decent backup. The same goes for players such as Jim Marten or Pat McQuistan; any developmental player.
Tight end Tony Curtis went to Europe last off-season, played well, and became a valued reserve for the Cowboys in 2007.
The NFL's competition committee was asked today about how the league plans to try to find a place to groom potential passers, and its answers were pretty lame.
- More time in the preseason.
- More time in the fourth quarter of blowouts.
- More practice time.
They did not, however, offer PlayStation or the Wii as potential grooming grounds.

- Mac Engel


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I guess is the NFL is right on this one. Teams will just have to adjust and give the developmental guys more playing time in the preseason and in forth quarters during blow outs... As a Cowboy fan I would hate to lose a guy who is as talented as Bartel, but why not carry a third qb on your roster? If he is that talented you will find a way to keep him on the roster while finding a way to get him some playing time. In my opinion old qb's such as Brad Johnson takes away some exicitement from the game by pushing new, young, and refreshing players further back on the dept chart... Frequently as far back as the streets. This will make GM's jobs more difficult by making them become more insightful instead of constantly signing retreads to their roster based solely on what they have done in the past.

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