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February 26, 2008

Who is Jerry's ''wow'' player?

Jerry1_2  Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says he wants to put some ``wow'' in coordinator Jason Garrett's offense. So much so, it has become his No. 1 offseason goal. Wonder where re-signing Tony Romo's bodyguard Flozell Adams is?

   So what are Jerry's plans? Who is this unknown star he wants to add to an already star-studded offense. How about these possibilites...

   1. Darren McFadden, Arkansas, RB -- Maybe Jerry thinks he' can be in Hog heaven with D-Mac in the backfield and gives away this year's draft to get him after seeing that 4.33 speed at the combine.

   2. Randy Moss, Patriots, WR -- Could he try and land the guy he passed on years ago and with Owens comprise the most unstoppable offense in the league?

   3. Javon Walker, Broncos, WR -- Great talent but has a knee issue and has not always been easy to deal with.

   4. Roy Williams, Lions, WR -- Lions coach Rod Marinelli doesn't want to trade him, but when Jerry is trying to deal he usually wins.

   So, who do you think this ``wow'' player could be?

_ Rick Herrin


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Turner, from San Diego. RBs are cheaper than receivers, corners or OTs. Cowboys will not have to use a RB in the draft until the later rounds.

Bernard Berian would be a great addition to the team. Marion Barber is a good rb but a rb like Mcfadden comes a round once every 15yrs. Jerry PLEASE make it happen.

I would hate to see McFadden. This years Reggie Bush.....Don't believe the hype. He fumbles too much and can't get the tough yards. Trade for Roy Williams!

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