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February 25, 2008

Zach Thomas talks Cowboys

Zachthomas New Cowboys linebacker Zach Thomas was on Michael Irvin's ESPN 103.3 FM radio show this afternoon and talked about his new job in his home state.

   Get this -- Thomas said has already been reviewing Cowboys game film. He has built a career overcoming naysayers with work ethic and preparation and it still holds. Thomas wants a ring but said he couldn't sign with the Patriots, who offered him a contract. He said he ``couldn't stand New England'' after playing them twice for 12 years.

   Anyway, Thomas says he preferred not to have a press conference and wanted to keep the hype to a minimum. Thomas said he is healthy, has plenty left in the tank and always had an appreciation for Wade Phillips' 3-4 defense. He also he prefers the 3-4 over the 4-3 and played in it the past three years in Miami.

   Here are some of his comments from the interview.

  --   ``I know I am still a good player. There is always questions marks and that's just another thing I can overcome.''

--   ``I haven't earned anything in Dallas and that's why I have to go out here and earn it and show it by my actions instead of trying to hype something up. They've got a great team put together. I am just trying to add on and know my role. They've got good linebackers to play with and why not add even more players and add me along with it?''

  --  ``I feel like I've got a lot of gas left in the tank. Why shut down if you feel like you can still play and the doctors have been telling you everything is fine.''

_ Rick Herrin



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Dallas needs to cut some of the dead wood and draft with intelligence. The cuts should include Marcus Spears (a dog of a player), Jacques Reeves (let him reunite with his brother in law), Julius Jones, Bobby Carpenter (Ah, Bobby who?), Anthony "I'm always injured" Henry, Akin Ayodele (surplus to real needs), and if possible, Roy Williams (saving his body for his full contract money). Spears and Carpenter are former first round picks and are young which should enable some trade interest. The Draft should go something like this (i) First Round: Corner Back and WR (ii) Second Round: RB. (iii) Third Round: Pass Rushing DE (iv) Later Rounds: Dexter Coakley type fast covering LB, another CB and DT. Both Courtney Brown and Alan Ball need to be given long looks in pre season to find if they can play. Brown in particular looks promising, he is fast and athletic. Free agency external purchases should target a WR (why not try for frustrated underachievers such as Ronald Curry or Jerry Porter??) and a veteran, aggressive pass rushing DE with something left in the tank.

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