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March 12, 2008

2004 Draft Gone Bust

Crayton_4 With cornerback Nate Jones visiting the Vikings today, lets look back at the 2004 draft class.

It will only take a quick look because receiver Patrick Crayton is the only one left.

Julius Jones, Jacob Rogers, Stephen Peterman, Bruce Thornton, Sean Ryan and Jacques Reeves are no longer with the team. Jones is still keeping the Cowboys in the loop but he is drawing interest from the Dolphins as well as the Vikings. And lets be real, the Cowboys are making no huge effort to keep him.

So that leaves Crayton, a seventh round pick from Northwest Oklahoma State who has developed into a starter opposite Terrell Owens.

Remind me again why Bill Parcells is considered such a good drafter. His history with the Cowboys suggests otherwise.

--Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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The Cowboys go from 2 good picks in about 7 WHOLE YEARS (pre-BP) ... to consistent drafts. Yet hacks like you, rather than looking at all the facts, jump on the HATE BP bandwagon, and dream up reasons to rationalize your foolishness.

Any objective observer of the Cowboys in the last 12 years would be insane to discredit the positive influence of BP - on many many levels... including the three starters from the draft you sheepishly offer as evidence to the contrary.

When you look at the BIG PICTURE (the state of the team when Parcells arrived versus when he left) his reputation is vindicated. If Parcells had proven himself to be an overhyped "has been" he wouldn't have been entrusted to rebuild the Dolphins. Let's see how the Fish look in 3 years.

???What in the blue moon are you talking about? Look at the drafts that Parcells and Ireland were a part of in Dallas. Yea, in 2004 Crayton is all that's left. But that's a 7th round pick from absolutely nowhere that got a big payday. Also, Julius got paid to take Shaun Alexander's job. Shaun Alexander! Peterman is starting for the Lions. Reeves just got $20m from the Texans. Rogers, Ryan, N. Jones, and Thornton are all still bouncing around the league being role players. So, did you really write that stuff on purpose or were you following info fed to you by some idiot? 2 7th round draft picks that are being paid well in the league...starting. That's impressive. I'd put Parcells and Ireland's draft history up against anyone's in that time frame. Do some research. Don't just spout off.

Right on Clarence. Parcells SUCK

I will give you the 2004 draft, but what about the other years, more than 50% of the starting team is composed from draft picks from Bill Parcells, go ahead and count those players, I will help you:
Tony Romo
Terrance Newman
Demarcus Ware
Bradie James
Patrick Crayton
Chris Canty
Marcus Spears
Anthony Spencer (started some games)
Jason Witten
Jay Ratliff
Pat Watkins (starter in his rookie year)

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