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March 01, 2008

Cowboys interested in Walker

The Cowboys are one of 12 teams to express interest in receiver Javon Walker, who was released by the Denver Broncos on Friday.

Walker would seem to make sense for the Cowboys, who are looking for help at wideout.

Also, receivers coach Ray Sherman has a close relationship with Walker, dating back to their days together in Green Bay. But expressing interest and making a strong play for Walker are two different things.

The Cowboys are handicapped by a tight salary cap situation and will not be able to get into a bidding war for Walker.

Look for the Cowboys to take things slowly, see how things shake out and wait for the market for Walker to come back to them.

-- Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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Bernard Berrian would've been a great addition. Javon Walker is injury prone, and we cant afford to sign another receiver would will be missing half the season due to injury.

Why not just draft a WR on day one? It just doesn't make sense to spend serious money on an aging malcontent. We're already too old at the position.

You are kidding right?? Walker is an idiot, a professional bum player who is just no good. Why don't you listen?? Jerry Porter was available and Dallas did nothing. Jones needed to quickly cut Terry Glenn (he is finished as a player, unfortunately)along with a whole bunch of dud young players (Spears, Carpenter, Ayodele, Julius Jones etc) and go buy a receiver who is uninjured and hungry for success, like Porter or Ronald Curry from the Raiders. Walker is an unreliable erratic idiot who has done nothing for years.

NO NO NO . . . living in colorado I have to listen to a lot of Broncos fans -- but they are right to say this guy is bad news . . . injury prone and a cancer in the locker room when he isn't the center of attention -- no way he goes about his business (if he actually gets on the field) as the #2 guy behind T.O.

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