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March 24, 2008

Expect Pacman to be reinstated

Pacman2_3   One question that is often brought when the Adam Jones to Dallas stuff is brought up is why would anyone trade for now when NFL commissioner Roger Goodell won't review his case for reinstatement until right before training camp and there's no guarantee that he will be reinstated?

Well, let's start from the rear. The Cowboys expect Jones to be reinstated. Nearly everyone that Goodell has suspended has gotten another chance to get back in the league _ save for Odell Thurman. Barring Jones doing something stupid again, the Cowboys expect him to get reinstated.

Doing the deal before the draft ensures you get him and helps answer a need and possibly alter your focus heading into the 2008 NFL draft in April.

He will not be able to go through the offseason program or organized team activitiy workouts in May but having a home will give him more incentive to be ready to go once he is reinstated.

Besides giving up a late round pick is nothing when you consider the potential return on the investment.

Of course it will all be contingent on Jones agreeing to restructure his contract. Financially, Jones is deal is not overwhelming. He has two years left and scheduled to make $1.29 million in 2008. That's a bargain for cornerback of his caliber. But the Cowboys would likely want to adjust and possibly extend this deal while putting some incentives into the contract to cover themselves in case Jones acts up again.

Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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