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March 04, 2008

Javon Walker no more

Scratch receiver Javon Walker off your wish list.

According to reports, he has signed a six-year, $55 million deal to join the Raiders.

Yes, you heard right. He's getting $55 million, which includes $16 million up front and $27 million in guarantees over the first three years.

When I told you last week to hold your horses on all those Walker to Dallas rumors this was precisely why.

According to his agent Kennard McGuire 12 teams called to express interest in Walker once he was released by the Broncos last Friday.

And yes, the Cowboys were among those teams. But they were never going to be a major player in what was going to be a bidding war.

The Cowboys have just a little more than $3 million in cap space and their only hope was to slow-play Walker and hope he didn't get big money elsewhere.

Never mind Walker's relationship with Cowboys receivers coach Ray Sherman; there was no way Walker was going to turn down a lucrative deal to play on the cheap in Dallas. And considering the injuries he has suffered the last couple of years, getting that kind of money in Oakland was like hitting the jackpot.

-- Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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