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March 07, 2008

Jones intrigued by Pacman Jones

Pacman_5Suspended Titans cornerback Adam Pacman Jones continues to shout to
the heavens that he would like to play for the Cowboys if and when his suspension is lifted by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

On an local ESPN radio affiliate in Atlanta on Thursday he reiterated that his
dream is to play for the Cowboys.

While there is a long way to go in that process, Jones might have a willing
suitor in Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

According to a source, Jones has asked a few staffers about how Jones would
fit with the Cowboys.

There is nothing more to it because the Cowboys are prevented by league rules
from talking to Jones or his representatives. Again Jones has a long way to go to be reinstated by Goodell. And then he remains property of the Titans, who must release
him before he can sign with another team.

But make no mistake about, the Cowboys owner is at least intrigued by the possibility
that he has brought it up to staffers. He has a history of taking on problems players
from other teams, including Alonzo Spellman, Dimitrius Underwood and current Cowboys
Terrell Owens and Tank Johnson.

What's also true is that the Cowboys in search of cornerback and kick return help.

--Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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Y not??? Better secondary means Roy can murder QB's and RB's in the Box!!!!

NO! no! nO! Can't say it any other way. This guy will be a boy scout the first month, then drop dollars at the feet of strippers the next. He's not worth it. He will regress.

always liked the pac-man. eat'em up!!

Pacman would have to be fully reinstated by the NFL. The Titan would have to agree to a trade (maybe for a mid level pick in the draft). He would have to be in good physical condition.I'd sign Pacman to a 1 year contract. See if he can stay out of trouble. Then I would consider signing him to a longer contract. The talent is there, it's about his character.

sign him for a low salary etc would be a wise move...

sign him for a low salary etc would be a wise move...

Dallas needs to go after Adam Jones as strongly as it can. The man should be given an opportunity to turn things around. A clause should be inserted into any future agreement terminating his contract if he plays up off the field. Jones will give both the secondary and the kick return squad an instant lift. Moreover, Jones wants to play for us, so lets make it happen.

If the price is right, great! Go get him.

Jerry can't seem to resist any player that can generate headlines ... even if it is mostly on the police blotter.

Or, perhaps it is a family thing. Could Jerry and Pacman come from the same Jones family?

Go Cowboys!

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