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March 04, 2008

Julius Jones visits Detroit

Cowboys running back Julius Jones has finally hit the radar in free agency. He was one of four free agents to visit the Detroit Lions on Tuesday.

Jones is now considered the top running back available after Michael Turner signed with Atlanta. Was it a telling sign that it took this long for Jones to get something going? Jones' agent said during the Senior Bowl that his client was going to field some very strong offers once free agency hit.

_ Rick Herrin


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No, Mr.Herrin. That was a dumb statement saying "Was it a telling sign that it took this long for Jones to get something going? Are you implying that JJ wasnt really any good? Micheal Turner just got signed the other day for good money and I bet you didnt apply that statement to him. C'mon dude, JJ didnt have a great past 2 seasons, but he lit it up for the first 2 years in Big D. Who knows why he regressed? Maybe it was the system. Maybe it was not being able to get a rythem. He didnt complain once. Because the Boys havent offered JJ a contract or wanted to trade him doesnt mean he was good either. Didn't the Mavs trade Steve Nash. So did the Suns, right. Plus, what did Turner do to make teams pay all that money, or to call him the number # 1 back in Free agency (potential, thats it). How do you know he can carry the load each game, all season? You dont!
You so called writers who never played a down of organized ball kill me.

the real telling sign is if Parcells pursues him for the dolphins

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