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March 07, 2008

Keith Davis talking to teams

Kd Cowboys free agent safety Keith Davis is talking with multiple teams right now looking for what could be a new home. The special teams captain from Italy, Texas does not have any visits set up but hopes to have some real soon. Davis would like more playing time in the secondary and a couple of possible destinations could be New Orleans or Miami.

_ Rick Herrin


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Keith Davis should be resigned by the Cowboys. Last year he outplayed Roy Williams when he was in the game. We also felt it when he was not on special teams!

How can the cowboy let the best Special team player they got, go. If a Saftey needs to go should be Roy William he old and slow, Keith Davis started one game in Saftey this pass season, had two stop for touch down, Roy played all year and had no stop. Davis had done everything the cowboy has ask of him, give the man a shot at strong saftey he will get the job done. Because he is Mighty Mouse (keith davis)

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