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March 31, 2008

Pacman talks to continue

The Cowboys have talked to the Tennessee Titans about trading for cornerback Pacman Jones, but negotiations have hit a snag over compensation. Tennessee is asking for a fourth-round pick this year and a sixth-round pick next year that could become a fifth-rounder based on performance, according to a source.

Tennessee is also threatening to keep him on the roster if their demands are not met.

Manny Arora, Jones' agent, said the Titans are simply testing the market.

“The contract is in place (with Tennessee if he's on the roster),” Arora said Monday. “They are not unintelligent people. They know what they are doing."

Arora believes a deal will be made soon.

“They (Titans) have already made it publicly known that he needs to find another home. Hopefully, it will be Dallas,” Arora said. “At some point there is not going to be a market for him. If the draft comes and goes, his value for them reduces. If there is going to be a deal, I imagine it would come in the next three weeks."

Clarence E. Hill Jr. 


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