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March 27, 2008

Pacman update

The Cowboys continue to have "light" talks about what it's going to take the Titans to give up defensive back Adam "Pacman" Jones. Basically, the Cowboys want to give up as little as possible and the Titans want something of greater value for a player who was once the No. 6 overall pick in the 2005 draft.

Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher said again Thursday afternoon that Jones will not be playing for the Titans next season, and that he has no problem with him appearing on The Michael Irvin radio show this past Monday.
"We've given (Jones and his agent) permission to look for a new home, and whatever happens after that happens," Titans coach Jeff Fisher told Nashville reporters at a news conference to announce the retirement of Titans offensive lineman Benji Gil.

One report from SI.com had the Cowboys offering a seventh round pick in exchange for Jones, but an NFL source said the Cowboys right now are trying to determine how high the pick will have to be.
Jones is currently suspended by the NFL but plans to apply for reinstatement before the draft.

The problem is, with Pacman Jones all but declaring his love for the Cowboys and various sources confirming there is interest on the part of the Cowboys the team loses some of its leverage. But sources said the Cowboys are not prepared to give up anything higher than a fourth round draft pick, and that may be too high of a price.

The Cowboys could potentially throw in one of their linebackers, such as Bobby Carpenter or Akin Ayodele. Carpenter is a former No. 1 pick who has struggled to find playing time and sits behind Greg Ellis, DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer at the outside linebacker spot. Ayodele figures to see his playing time cut and his status as the starting inside linebacker removed with the addition of free agent signee Zach Thomas.

- Mac Engel


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it seems one of the titans needs are at reciever so how about 6th or 7th round pick and Sam Hurd or reluctantly Miles Austin

I'd definitely throw down a 5th round pick for the guy, hey its a ton better option than any corner the Cowboys or any other team in the NFL will find in that or later round. It makes sense. Sure a 7th round pick does seem low, but that was just the opening salvo. I'll wager a 5th rounder will get it done and Bobby Carpenter.

To which the Titans will reply "We'll take the 5th rounder but only if you keep Carpenter".

PacMan isn't the best corner in the league, but I'll definitely take him over Nate Jones and Jacque Reeves. You won't feel nearly as worried about the secondary and covering a slot receiver with Newman, Pacman, and Henry.

That alone makes this potential trade a good one for the Cowboys and a 5th rounder for the Titans is something they probably won't get from other teams.

If we are bidding against ourselves, why better the offer? Why not just give them Roy Williams and be done with it. Forget a draft pick at any level. That is not worth it, but, to trade away pass burned Roy, solves cap room and we get a dollar store bargain upgrade to pass protection.

Mike, The article is talking about the Titan's lossing Leverage not the Cowboys. I think you misread that part of the article. With the Titans not wanting him - Outwardly saying so, and Pacman saying he wants in Dallas. That only helps Dallas! Should be interesting to see it all unfold!

Lets get the Pacman Jones deal done by giving up a conditional 4th round pick in the 2009 draft. It would seem that he's worth it, we'll not only get a good cover guys he also provides a spark in the return game. Lets also trade Bobby Carpenter and Roy Williams if we can't use him as a linebacker for Chad Johnson. Remember Roy' problem is in covering tight ends and mainly his inability to cover right down field. Is he really a asset? I don't think he is, if fact he's been the weak link over the past few years. I guess I shouldn't say that too loud the Bengals might be listening.

The article intimates that Dallas loses some leverage because of Jones' interest in the Cowboys and their desire to obgain him. At the same, Tennessee doesn't have a lot of leverage either. They have said they have moved on, that he isn't in their plans. Just because the Cowboys are interested, that is no more lost leverage in theory than the Titans saying they don't want him, and given that no one can even use him now.

How 'bout: We send a Pro Bowler (#31) AND a first rounder (#54) to the Titans...S'pose they'd bite? Nah...

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