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April 28, 2008

Cowboys find undfrafted free agents

Here's a list of the Cowboys new undrafted rookie free agents....Despite some speculation, the Cowboys have not signed Oklahoma State receiver Adarius Bowman.

WR Danny Amendola, Texas Tech

TE Drew Atchison, William & Mary

WR Mark Bradford, Stanford

OT Andrew Brecher, Harvard

FB Julius Crosslin, Oklahoma State

SS Dowayne Davis, Syracuse

DE Marcus Dixon, Hampton

OT Brandon Hale, Sam Houston State

RB Keon Lattimore, Maryland (younger brother of Baltimore Ravens LB Ray Lewis)

P/K Jay Ottovegio, Stanford

WR Daniel Polk, Midwestern State (South Oak Cliff product)

DE Darrell Robertson, Georgia Tech

_ Rick Herrin


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That's because the NEED a general manager!!

With the draft addressing most pressing needs besides wide receiver, why not give the Hawaii wideout trio a shot. Devonne Bess, Ryan Grice-Mullen, and Jason Rivers all proved that they could catch the ball. Regardless of the "system" they played in, it comes down to whether you can play or not. Bess averaged over 1100 yards per season, with at least 12 TDs each year. They ALL had over 1000 yards and at least 10 TDs. We could use someone with Rivers size, and maybe groom him to eventually replace TO.

Dalton Bell signed as a QB. Whoever he is.

cowboys need to give adarius bowman a look. has speed and size. terry glenn will not hold up ???? he is done ???? give this osu product a chance ???? he maybe a sleeper ????

Danny Amendola from TTU is a half step less quick than Wes Welker, which is why he never broke a punt for a touchdown, but he can run a route and catch in traffic for yardage after the catch every bit as good as Welker.
Amendola would have stayed with the pass that Crayton slowed up on aginst the Giants. Just ask Oklahoma Univ. about his pass receiving skills.

Lattimore is Ray Lewis' little brother

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