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May 27, 2008

Barber needs new tactic

Barberrule_2 Newly-signed running back Marion Barber, to no real surprise, didn't have any idea that a new rule will keep him from smacking defenders in the face like he has done often. I've asked him before about those vicious acts of embarrassment he yields on much, much slighter defensive backs with every slap. He often defers to ''man, those are grown men.''

Barber seemed a little worried when told about the Marion Barber Rule. You could see the thoughts of what will I do now running through his head. He says he may offer the elbow as an alternative. Two Cowboys now have their own rules. You know the other one.

- Rick Herrin


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You are wrong I know of at least five rules for Dallas Cowboys and none for any other Team. 1/ the Emmit Smith rule ( cannot remove your helmet) 2/ Eric Williams rule )you cannot exstend your hands to the face) 3/ Michichel Irvin rule ( no pushing off) 4/ Roy Williams rule (horse collar) 5/ Marion Barber (no running back facemask) humm sounds like N.F.L might want to limit the the Boys too me/.

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