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May 29, 2008

In his ear

Bradiemug_3 This year defensive players will be allowed to have radio communications with coaches to relay play calls, like quarterbacks do. It's an attempt to create a competitive balance.

Cowboys linebacker Bradie James will wear the device but doesn't sound like he wants it or is going to take care of it.

''I feel like I am going to break the thing because I play linebacker,'' James said. ''I am going to try and break it. That's my goal is knock it out. We'll see how that things go. I'm still old-school in that manner.''

James didn't think defenses have been at a disadvantage not having communication.

''Defensively it's different,'' James said. ''You've got to have the play call. I think (Tony) Romo said sometimes he hears the play and improvs of course. That's what he does. We can't improv. We've got to make sure the whole 11 are on the same page.''

- Rick Herrin


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