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May 28, 2008

Newman calls out Roy

Cowboys cornerback Terence Newman was on Mike Doocy's Sunday night show on Fox 4 and took it upon himself to deliever Doocy's Doozy with the appearance. He dropped it on safety Roy Williams saying...

''I think he just sometimes gets kind of a deer-in-the-headlights type of reaction to some plays. Not everybody is going to have a perfect season. He had a bad season last year as far as coverage.''

Skip to about the five-minute mark for the stuff on Roy.

Apparently Newman is seeing the same thing the media and fans see. But Roy says we're not smart enough football-wise to know the coverages to be questioning his coverage breakdowns. Newman must not know what defense they are in either.

And you know what, Roy Williams getting hammered by the fans and columnists is one thing. But he is becoming target practice for teammates now.

Newman also said in the interview Williams is doing the right things in the weight room to make him better this season and keeping his weight down. He did say Roy is not a liability on the defense.

- Rick Herrin


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