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May 15, 2008

Romo and Simpson not done?

Reports have circulated far and wide over the past few days that Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson have broken up.

The news has brought a sigh of relief to some Cowboys fans who blame Simpson for the team's downfall last season.

But I wouldn't start ordering those Super Bowl tickets yet. According to a player who is very close to Romo, the celebrity couple remain just that _ a couple.

"No," the Cowboys player replied when asked about a Romo-Simpson breakup. "They are together."

Another player who was on the infamous boat in Cabo last fall added: "I don't think they did."

Take it for what its worth.

Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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Is this really news worthy? Does Tony Romo's love life determine how he plays on Sundays? Pleassssee... People of Dallas and Ft. Worth it is time to quit caring some much about this topic; let's talk football instead.

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