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June 27, 2008

Joe Horn? Yes or No

Call it curiosity ... but do you want Joe Horn on the Cowboys?


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Hell to the no!!! Why replace an old receiver with another old receiver? Dallas should have addressed this issue through the draft. Instead of drafting the A&M tight end or that RB (Tashard something or other) they should have gotten a young WR that they could develop. Manningham was available but they passed on him. Hopefully whatever plans they have will work out.


Let's stay with what we have. I say no to Joe Horn, he would not be a fit for our team. Terry Glen will be back, I heard they are going to settle for $750 over the $500 he was asked to sign in case of re-injury to his knee. We have some good unproven young blood in that position we need to test.

Joe Horn sucks, he didn't do stink last year, and is old and washed up. I don't think he would make our offense that much better. I don't think he would make it worse, but the guy isn't that big of an impact player anymore so why bother. At his point in life, he is nothing more than a middle of the pack reciever and we already have a few of those guys.

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I say hell naw to horn and yes to Koren Robinson he's played the #1 and #2 WR in career and he's been good especially in Minnesota and he's a free agent so no trading involved so if the Terry Glenn saga continues I say we should grab him.

The Cowboys couldn't afford a wide receive like Joe Horn...he would outplay all of the bums they now have on that roster. He wouldn't "fit" in the locker room because the other WRs would be so upset that they weren't catching as many balls because the Cowboys went out and got themselves another #1 wide out.

With the other talented players we have at other positions on offense (Whitten, Barber, F. Jones, etc) we can line up in all sorts of formations that we can utilise what we currently have. Imagine a standard 2 receiver set - then split out Whitten, and move Jones into the slot with Barber in the backfield... who they gonna cover

Maybe as a coach...

Joe Horn...No way. He has never played for a winner, and would not easily fit with this mix. He is old, and I would much rather see Austin, Crayton, Hurd, Stanback, or Glenn.

He's old, not very productive, injury prone, and over the last 3 years a near-cancer in the clubhouse. WHY would we consider him, except to motivate Terry Glenn to get signed? DUDE!

No! He's old, he hasn't performed in 3 years, and they need to finally determine if any of these young receivers (Hurd, Austin, & Stanback) are worth keeping. I'd really like to go into the next offseason without a question mark at WR - either we KNOW one or more of our young guys can play, or we KNOW that we need to address the position like we did OL last year and CB this year. Signing Horn would be stupid on so many levels...

No!! I'll take our youngsters over an unproductive vet any day.

I would sure rather have Boldin, Williams or Chad, but seeing how they do not seem to be happening, then a one year rental of a guy that when healthy is a very good wr who runs great routes and catches everything is not the worst thing for this team.

By signing Joe Horn, you take snaps away from your developing receivers. This would be a bad move for the future of the already aged position. Let the "kids" play and see what they can do. The drop off in talent from Horn to Austen, Stanbeck, Amendola, etc. is not that large either. Who knows? We might have the next T.O. on our team and we don't really know it because the guys never get to play!

No we don't need Joe Horn. Way past his prime, slow, big mouth and trouble!



no, I do not think the cowboys should go after a has been, the cowboys have 3 good home grown talent in hurd, austin and stanback, in addition, they have crayton and the rookie kid from texas tech.

I think the cowboys will be fine with hurd, austin, stanback, these 3 young receivers represent the future of the cowboys, with time and patiences these 3 guys will be all-pros for the cowboys, just be patient, these 3 guys will surprise this season.

absolutley no


how old is that guy? I think we'd be better off getting keyshawn out of retirement. Ok not really but I think key and T.O. could wear out opposing secondarys with thier mouths.
I think developing another young reciever would be a more viable option than the 30-something undersized horn.

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NOT NO but HELL NO, Joe Horn is a cancer and he needs to be any place other than a Dallas Cowboys. Jerry has assembled a team that is trying to gel together and build a nucleus and we don't need any distractions.develope what we have now with Stanback, Hurd, Austin, Amendola, and not to mention Felix "the cat" Jones. Let's move on with the young talent we had. Leave Joe "has been" Horn where he is.

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