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June 30, 2008

What to do at WR

Tg1_2 Ok, the on-going issue with Cowboys veteran receiver Terry Glenn hangs over this team until training camp begins July 25. The questions remain. ...Will TG sign the $500,000 waiver and bank that his knee will hold up?

Or will the Cowboys cut Glenn even if he signs and opt to bank on what they have -- Patrick Crayton as the No. 2 with Sam Hurd, Miles Austin and Isaiah Stanback as the WR depth along with help from TE Jason Witten and RB Felix Jones? An injury to Terrell Owens has the Cowboys looking at Crayton and Hurd as their starters.

Or will they still try to trade for another WR? That's if they can find a willing team.

What do you think the Cowboys will do?

- Rick Herrin


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I believe TG will come to his senses and sign the waiver and help Dallas to the Super Bowl

I think Jerry sits on what he has...it could be a make or break decision for PC, SH, and JJ...and the entire team.

The Boys will probably watch the wire for receivers who may become eligible but TG is their best insurance policy for effective veteran experience. The risk of signing someone with his "game day threat factor" is unrealistic. That type of talent doesn't usually become available circa Roy Williams (Detroit), Anquan Boldin or Chad Johnson. Sign TG and watch him make the Pro Bowl in this offense. 'How bout them Cowboys?


They will probably sign Glenn to the waiver. I do not expect his knee to hold up to the rigors of training camp despite the frequent off days and once-a-day practices he will receive. In addition Mr Jones will attempt to trade for several big name receivers. These attempts will fail despite Mr Jones'best efforts. Glenn will be cut. Owens will be out for several games (which is the norm for him) and the season will go down the drains. The Boys will have a great regular season once agaim, but will falter in the post season unless we can either get a serviceable 2nd receiver or Austin can step his game up. The team is in desperate need of offensive speed.

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