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July 30, 2008

Adam "Red Eyes" Jones

OK, so the nickname needs some help. But taking a closer look at Adam Jones' eyes and there is a visible red ring encasing the retina. No joke.
According to Jones, he's wearing a new contact lens produced by Nike that helps shade out the sun so he can see the ball better, such as when he's fielding punts.
"They're pretty good and I enjoy them. It helps block out the sun," Jones said.
They are a prescription lens, because as Jones said, "I'm blind."
Even though Jones has the cash to probably afford Lasic surgery, he's not interested. Apparently he has a few friends that had the procedure done and it didn't go seamless.
So Jones will stick with the contacts.

- Mac Engel


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Circling his retina? I'm no biologist, but are you sure you didn't mean iris?

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