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July 30, 2008

Early-morning struggles

Couple of receivers slipping and Brad Johnson throwing an out route into the ground. Just enough mess ups to drive perfectionist Jason Garrett crazy. So, fans, do you think this team needs a new backup QB?

- Rick Herrin


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Maybe it's time to end the Stanback at WR experiment?

I read(on another blog)that Stanback has the strongest arm on the team, and throws a tight spiral.... could he be worse than Brad Johnson or Chris Simms(save the draft pick), I think not!!

Stanback also hasn't shown the ability to stay healthy at KR or WR, maybe he's just better suited to play QB.... gotta love his athleticism though.

this would also give Amendola or Jefferson more reps and an even better chance to make the team.

What, get rid of Brad "Check Down" Johnson? I'd even take Chris Simms over BJ.

If Romo goes down right before the playoffs, it's all over. That said, I think we should keep our eyes open (and I know Jerry Jones will based on the great off season he's had) for a QB that gets dumped due to salary cap or wherever Farve ends up. For example, the Ravens have some young QBs that could be cut if Farve becomes the starter. Another team that comes to mind, the Jets' Pennington would be fantastic backup if cut due to Farve going there.

Yes. Most exposed position on the team.

The Cowboys absolutely need a new backup QB. Brad Johnson is an accurate passer and good leader, but we someone who will be around for a while and be able to sling the ball upfield to TO. BJ will only be able to do the dinks & dunks, and this will adversely affect the running game since the LBs will be able to crowd the line.

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