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July 30, 2008

Pacman vs. T.O.

Cowboys_camp_607 The best battle in camp remains Terrell Owens vs. Pacman Jones.

So Pacman, what's the score between you guys so far?

"I might be up one or we're tied," Pacman said. "I think I'm up one today though."

Owens and Pacman continue to talk and the cornerback is trying to learn from the veteran receiver. He wanted to know about the play he was beat on earlier in camp on a double move that sent the crowd wild.

"You are never too good to learn more," Pacman said.

During Wednesday morning's practice Pacman broke up a would-be touchdown against Owens in the back of the end zone and Owens fell down after the play. Owens complained he was pushed as he sat on the ground.

"He said I pushed him after the play," Pacman said. "I kissed him and told him he was all right. I am just kidding, that's my boy."

The first-team repititions are also allowing Pacman to get back to his top form quicker.

"It's getting me back a little bit faster, especially going against T.O. and P.C. everyday going against two of the best that's playing right now. I am playing against the highest level so it's getting me back a lot quicker that I thought I would."

- Rick Herrin

Photo: Ron Jenkins



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