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July 31, 2008

Parcells considering Quincy?

Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin reported on his ESPN radio show from Oxnard that the Dolphins will give quarterback Quincy Carter a tryout this week. Are you kidding me? Would Bill Parcells really mess with bringing in Carter?

Apparently the Dolphins are VERY desperate and don't believe they have the QB they need right now. Maybe they can use Carter to come in and take the beating while Chad Henne learns.

Fans, tell me what Bill is thinking?

- Rick Herrin


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So, let me get this straight...The dolphins now have in one back field Ricky Williams and Quincy Carter. Kinda gives new meaning to hand off and pass.

Bill has lost it. Is the Miami nightlife taking a toll on his thought process? He needs to cut down to 2 clubs a night.

Maybe Bill figures he owes Q a good butt whippin.

Are you kidding me!! How do you go from a starting quaterback on Americas team to 24 hr Fitness Trainer back to the NFL. It just doesnt happen and he will be cut as soon as the ducks start flying..

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