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July 30, 2008

Training Camp World of T.O.

Terrell We all know Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens lives in his own big T.O. World. Well, it is especially apparent at training camp. He does his own thing and no one messes with him. That's a perfect T.O. World.

During Wednesday's afternoon workout with mostly special teams being practiced, Owens had some free time. With his back to practice near the sidelines and fans, Owens was posing for his followers. He was flexing his muscles and interacting with the fans. Of course, an NFL Films team was hovering nearby. Here are some other tidbits from life around the megastar.

* Owens has his own custom-made Air Jordan cleats. Mars Blackmon would be proud.

* He wears different shorts than everyone else, too. Personalized workout shorts with No. 81 on one leg.

* Owens apparently doesn't feel the desire to walk around the cozy Residence Inn. He has a rented Cadillac he tools around the complex in. This is a typical Residence Inn apartment-like setting yet Owens drives everywhere. Everywhere he needs to be is maybe just 100 yards away at most. Right before practice he drove the car near the lockerroom and backed his car into a parking spot. He also drives to the lobby area to eat at the cafeteria.

* Word is Owens has also done a hotel room makeover equipped with a big flatscreen television along with a sound system--his own makeshift theatre I guess. Maybe he's getting ready for the premiere of Hard Knocks which he might be featured in.

- Rick Herrin


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No wonder why they play a little different on the field.

Not sure if I should laugh or be jealous of T.O. (or is it just plain TO?).

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