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August 31, 2008

Cowboys eyeing Bollinger

Brooks_4 The Cowboys are targeting former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brooks Bollinger as their future No. 3 quarterback. So what do you think of Bollinger? Impressed by the 6-of-18 performance the other night against the Cowboys? He was part of the final cuts in Minnesota as the Vikes kept rookie draft pick John David Booty and veteran Gus Frerotte as backups to Tarvaris Jackson.

Little background the 28-year-old Brooks....he is in his 6th year and played the last two in Minnesota and his first three with the New York Jets. He has started 10 games in the NFL, including nine in 2005 with the Jets.

If the Cowboys sign him it wouldn't likely be until next week to avoid paying him the guaranteed salary due veterans by being on the season-opening roster.

Also, you have to think backup QB Brad Johnson is in the background giving an endorsement of Bollinger to the Cowboys. The two played together in Minnesota and were buddy-buddy after the game at Texas Stadium on Thursday night.

- Rick Herrin


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Why would they want to do that??

Bartel looked better than either of the scrubs that Minnesota threw out there!

Bollinger 33% comp. and a 44.2 QB rating, and is a 5 year vet!

Bartel 68% comp. and a 82.7 QB rating, 1st NFL start!

the Cowboys either need to just go with Romo and Johnson (Bartel ps), and quit wasting time and brain power on this, or get out there and find a young QB with the size and skills and has the potential to someday actually keep this team progressing in the event Romo were to get hurt!

even if it takes a year or two for him to develop!

quit with the band-aids.... that's what got us in trouble before Romo fell in our laps!

I would rather keep the guy that played against Minnesota than this guy. Please don't sign him.

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