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August 28, 2008

Postgame quotables, Wade Phillips version

Here's what Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips had to say after Thursday's 16-10 victory over the Minnesota Vikings:

... We did a good job to look at a lot of people. I think we needed to do that. I did tell this group that I was proud of them. They won the last preseason game ever at Texas Stadium. They can always hold that memory. It was important to them. Half our team played. We had 28 guys who didn't play. But the other half of the team who are going to be on our team played. It was important they played special teams. It was important they played in the game. Now, we can evaluate. We can evaluate the guys that played in the ballgame to see how well they played.

... One bad thing that happened was Sam Hurd got, I think, a high-ankle sprain. That cuts down our receiver corps even more. That's a real concern, certainly. We were only going to play him a series or two. We had to play some guys. We wouldn't have enough players to play, basically. It was unfortunate.

On the plan for receiver:
We'll see how bad Hurd's injury is first. We'll see where Stanback is, you know, we have to evaluate our injury situation. We don't know the answer right now.

On players that stood out: Obviously, [Tearrius] George made some plays on the pass rush. We saw him do some good things. Defensively, we had some guys who played pretty well. Choice made a really nice run. So did Felix, when he was in there. So, our running backs looked pretty good. I was hoping they would do well. They needed to play some and they did. And they did well.

... It's hard to evaluate the inside blockers until we look at the tape. Once we get the tape, I think we'll have a better feel how each of those guards played.

On Montray Holland: We worked against him in Denver. We were impressed with the guy. He's more our type than their type. They are a sideways finesse team. He's more of a power guy. I guess that's why they they wanted to trade him. We think he's a good player. He started for them every game last year. Once you lose Kosier, you look around and see what's available. He's a veteran player. I think he can get ready quickly. What we'll do depends on how quickly he can get ready and what our other guys look like.

... On the 22 we need to cut, we'll look at it. That's why we do things. We'll evaluate by looking at the tape. You see some plays sometimes when you think a guy played good, when he didn't and vice versa. We'll take a look at the tape.

On Richard Bartel:
He was up and down. I thought he fought hard the whole game. I thought at points in the game, he got away from what he does well. At other spots, I thought he threw the ball really well.

On Adam Jones: We certainly gratified that Adam Jones is going to be with us. I was hoping for that and I think we planned that way. But it always could have been different. We're glad to have him. We're glad he's with us and we think he'll do a good job for us.


-- Keeli Garza


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