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September 29, 2008

Crayton wants to play somebody better than Bengals

Cowboys receiver Patrick Crayton has no worries about his team bouncing back this week after their first loss of the season Sunday to the Redskins.

Making the bounce back much easier for the Cowboys are the winless Cincinnati Bengals this week. It comes after three big games against Philly, Green Bay and Washington. So Crayton, would you like to play somebody a little bit better than the Bengals in a week you want to bounce back?

"I think so," Crayton said. "I think so, yeah. Right now we don't dictate our schedule. We have to play each team how they come to us. They come in here this weekend and we've got to get back and refocus and start preparing for them."

Crayton also agrees with Pacman Jones, who said last night that this team may have needed a reality check and got it.

"I think sometimes you have to get sit down on your butt for a second to realize you were getting away with some mistakes," Crayton said. "We got a team in here, if you make a mistake they capitalized and it can cost you the game and it did."

- Rick Herrin


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I think has become painfully obvious that Cowboy opponents DO NOT respect any Cowboy receiver not named Terrell Owens, he will continually be double and triple teamed!!!

Jerry better pull his head out and send Crayton and a first round pick to the Lions for Roy Williams.... if he really wants to win a Super Bowl that is??

is Philly adds Roy Williams to their roster, along with Desean Jackson and Westbrook, we're freakin toast!!

for the love of God can we please stop with the converted QB's to receiver experiments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd rather lose to the bengals than the foreskins...I hope washington enjoyed their superbowl last week.

Bring on the rest of the schedule

cant someone tell this idiot to shut up can you piss another team any more, saying thy're not a test SHUT UP

Crayton needs to focus on 2 feet in bounds & not juggling every catch like he's auditioning for Ringling Bros. This is him focusing on his game? Word?

Amen to Gary's comment.

In case Patrick has forgotten, the Cowboys already played (and lost to) a better team, namely the Redskins, and they lost at home to boot. Crayton needs to shut his pie-hole and deal with the next team on the schedule, regardless.

After Sunday's lackluster performance, the Cowboys have no room to talk.

crayton should shut his fat fkin mouth and try to play football before he and the rest of his garbage teamates get bitch slapped again sunday.. i hope they do

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