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September 28, 2008

More Gold From Pacman

Not to belabor a point, but Pacman Jones did have a fine post-game today so it's worth mentioning (again).
He was asked about how Redskins receiver Santana Moss going off in a major way against the Cowboys defense.
"He only had one big play," Jones said. "Whatcha' mean he got off?"
This is what: Moss had two catches for 22 yards in the first quarter.
In the second quarter, Moss caught four more passes for an additional 103 yards.
"He had 100 yards in the first half?" Jones asked. "Them were little dump downs. He didn't have no 100 yards receiving."
By the end of the game, Moss had eight receptions for 145 yards.
But most of them were little dump downs.

- Mac Engel


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I would rather have a less than intelligent pacman playing left corner than the over paid, sensitive terrence newman. The faster we can put him on the trading block while his value is still somewhat high the smarter the GM will look. He has never turned out to be what we relied on him to be. He has long been average at best.

There's denial, and there's ignorance.

Adam is, I suspect, guilty of at least one of those conditions.

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