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September 28, 2008

Postgame quotables, Wade Phillips version

Here's what Cowboys coach Wade Phillips had to say after Sunday's 26-24 loss to the Washington Redskins:

... There's not much good to say on that ballgame. We fought back when it was certainly too late. We had opportunities early in the game and we just couldn't take advantage of them. I thought they outplayed us. I thought they outplayed our offense. They outplayed our defense. They outplayed our special teams and our coaches. Take your pick.

... We let them in the game and once they got in the game, they were able to control the ball. They had 160-something yards rushing and we had 44 at home. That's not what we expect to do. We've got to be better in that area.

... It's disappointing. We didn't play as well as we needed to play. I thought we started out good. We got to the quarterback early. We moved the ball and scored early. Then it seemed like we relaxed. We can't do that.

... The division is a tough division. I've said that all along. These kinds of games are the reason why. We know each other. They played really well against us.

... Santana Moss is a really great receiver. This guy's a Pro Bowl receiver. And their quarterback made some fantastic throws. On the one long one, we knew what they were going to do when the receiver runs that route. I say, we the coaches knew, but the players didn't know. That's our fault for not getting it over to them. When he got away from his regular position, he's going to run a double cut. He got behind us ... I'm not going to get into who was there and who wasn't there. Again, it's my fault. I'm the coach and I've got to geth them coached better to make plays.

... They ran the ball better than I thought they would. I thought we would play better run defense. They were able to control the clock.

... I don't have excuses and I'm not making excuses. They played better than us. We've got to come back and play better than we did.

On the 12-man penalty: We had two penalties in the game and that was one of them. That one really hurt us. That was a mistake you can't make. It goes back to coaching. I take the blame for all of the mistakes. That cost us several minutes in the game certainly, and maybe him having to kick a long field goal. I can't understand how two players playing the position could be standing out there. I can't fathom that. They were standing right next to each other.

On the lack of running game: It turned into a game that they were piling up on the line of scrimmage and they challenged us with man-to-man coverage. Sometimes we moved the ball with ease. Other times, we didn't. We had a lot of three-and-outs. We thought we could throw it on them. We didn't. We thought we had enough protection to be able to run the ball longer. We just didn't get it done. They forced us into passing situations. And we didn't have the ball a lot. Partly it was our fault for not having longer drives. Playing from behind, we fought back at the end, but it was too late.

... We don't want to give up big plays. I didn't think we tackled very well either for whatever reason. We've been a good tackling team, but we missed a lot of tackles.

... Well, when you play a three-deep zone, you don't expect to have a long pass on you.

... We don't want turnovers and need to get some. You're fighting a battle every time that you lose the turnover battle. They haven't turned the ball over this year and we didn't get one from them. They got one from us and it was a big play.

On Felix Jones:
He has a specific role that he plays. The plays that he works on, they aren't really 'come from behind' plays. They are more normal game situation plays. We will get more and more comfortable with him as he learns more.

-- Keeli Garza


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Wade Phillips is lucky he dodged the questions regarding when he will start taking more time away from Newman and giving it to Pacman. Newman is clearly the weakest link on the defense. Even though Pacman may over play on some plays it cannot be worse than being burned continuously. Trade Value can remain high if they balance the two of their playing time, as well as this would most likely be the best situation for the team.

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