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September 28, 2008

Postgame quotables, winning team version

Here's what a few members of the Redskins' had to say after their 26-24 win over the Cowboys on Sunday:

Andre Carter: It's not about the individual efforts, everybody on the team gave maximum effort. [The Cowboys] have a great offense. I tip my hat to them. I respect them very much. I know their offensive line is a good one. They have a great offensive group. But it is all about focus. Execution. And we did that today ... we studied hard, practiced hard and worked our tails off to get this win.

Ladell Betts: Everybody has to look at the Redskins in a different light right now. This is a great team. We can beat anybody. We can play with anybody. We proved that right now.

... Jason was cool and relaxed. I tried to joke with him in the huddle, but I didn't even get a smile.

... The biggest thing was that weare taking care of business. We are getting wins. And with each win, we are getting a ton of confidence in our locker room. The NFC East is so tough. We just played one of the toughest games in my career. That's the kind of game we get every week in the NFC East. This is a playoff game. There are literally four teams in the NFC East that can go to the playoffs. But that's impossible. So these games are like playoff games.

... We keep getting better and better each week. We are getting better as an offense every week, and we continue to get better. But we have to stay medium there. We can't get too high on what we're doing right now.

Fred Smoot: We got a win out of here. We have Philadelphia next week and we have to keep our perspective. We have to go in there and see the mistakes and get better. Like coach said, don't ever get too high, don't get too low. We just have to go back to the drawing board and get ready to play Philadelphia. We are just going to keep playing. We're just going to play Redskins football, and if we play Redskins football, we feel like that is enough to compete every week.

... [Chris Horton] has got to be the luckiest guy to get [the interception]. You gotta love that. It's like coach said, 'You're only as strong as the last man on your roster. We have different guys stepping up and making plays each week.

Demetric Evans:
When we go on the road and beat an offense with this many weapons like Marion Barber and Terrell Owens, it is a great thing. We can go on the road and win games. Being in the NFC East, with these tough games, that means a lot.

Casey Rabach:
The best thing about Jason is he's always under control. He never gets excited, never gets high on himself. That's something coach teaches him day in and day out. Don't get too high and just keep plugging along.

-- Keeli Garza


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