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October 30, 2008

Brooks Bollinger Is Ready ... We Think

Although he is not a long-time veteran, Cowboys backup quarterback Brooks Bollinger threw around the cliches like a 15-year veteran on Thursday.
"I'm trying to show up and prepare myself for any situation," Bollinger said.
Or a favorite, "Just go in and execute football plays. That's what we're all about as an offense. Just exeute plays and try to score points."
That's a load off.
Bollinger eliminates the idea that the Cowboys are trying to run basketball, hockey or kickball plays. And he did reassure the masses the Cowboys offense is indeed trying to score points.
What will Giants coach Tom Coughlin do when he gets his hands on these bulletin-board gems?
"Hey, guys, listen up ... the Cowboys are going to try to execute football plays. Blow up the game plan. Order some pizzas and tell your loved ones you're not going to be home for a while. We're going to be here all night!"

- Mac Engel


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