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October 01, 2008

Chad Johnson sounds off

In what may have been the greatest conference call in the history of the Dallas Cowboys, Bengals receiver Chad Johnson was golden and sounded off on himself, the Bengals and what he will do Sunday if he scores. Before he started the 18 minutes he told everybody to get the tape recorders ready. And he delievered.

Johnson said if he scores a touchdown Sunday he will take his helmet off and kiss the star. Then he put fellow receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh on the phone for more banter with the Cowboys media.

Click here to read the entire Q and A with Ocho Cinco and Housh.

- Rick Herrin


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In other news the Dallas Cowboys wish to extend a special invitation to George Teague to come and watch the game from the sidelines on Sunday.

Look for Ocho Cinco to be decapated by emmit running off the set..Pride is all Emmit knows..

Who doesn't love Ocho Cinco? How does one take this guy seriously? I love him to death!

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