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October 31, 2008

Crayton Told to Tone It Down

Much to the media's disappointment, Cowboys receiver Patrick Crayton has deliberately kept a low profile all week. At the request of a coach and his mother, Crayton has avoided the talking much to cameras, microphones and the evil media for Giants week.
Crayton has had some choice things to say about the Giants last season, and vice versa. Giants running back Brandon Jacobs said last season that Crayton "sucks".
"People told me to tone it down a little this year. Definintley for this game," Crayton said Friday afternoon. "(His mother) was the one who told me to speak my mind. Maybe it was too much for her. She probably got some flak from her friends. ... I took it upon myself to done it down."
Clearly, however, this is a man itching to talk trash.
"If we were playing a little bit better we could do a little bit more chirping," Crayton said. "Right now they are in first place but we haven't played them yet."
Crayton grew up a Cowboys fan, and it used to be the Redskins were the team he loved to hate. The Redskins have been since replaced by the Giants.
"We hate them and they hate us," he said. "It's starting to be like a hate-hate for the Giants. We dislike the Redskins. We hate the Giants. It's a big difference. I hate the Giants, dude. Plain and simple.
"They don't suck. They have some damn good players. We hit Brandon Jacobs enough, he'll tip toe. He doesn't suck, though. He tip toe at 264 (pounds)."
Crayton admits he's had a hard time not talking this week. If the Cowboys win, "Come see me Sunday," he said.
Don't worry. We will.

- Mac Engel


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i hope crayton can get off the line of scrimage. i hope that johnson is able to get the ball to crayton, hopefully, crayton can make a impact in the game, possibly through special teams with a punt return for a td.

He DOES talk a lot of !~@#$ (like Tank) but we are relying on him now as the No.2 reciever!!!!!

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