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October 28, 2008

It's all about after the bye

All that matters to this team right now is starting over after the bye. Forget about Sunday against the Giants. This team knows its reloading for Washington on Nov. 16 when the push to the playoffs really starts.

Getting the Tampa Bay victory was the most important and the Cowboys sit 5-3 and likely 5-4 after this weekend when all the injured stars return. So in the final seven games, what will it take for the Cowboys to make the postseason in a very competitive NFC and NFC East?

You say 9-7 or 10-6? Thinking 10-6 makes it, but even that might be a close call because Dallas is not in good tiebreaker shape right now.

Dallas would have to go 5-2 to end the season. They have two home cupcakes with San Francisco and Seattle, but road games at Washington, Philly and Pittsburgh. There are also home games against the NY Giants and the finale vs. Baltimore. It will also mean this team has to change its trend of fading at the end of the season.

Dallas is currently 1-1 vs. the division and 3-3 against the NFC. Ten teams in the NFC have three or fewer losses.

- Rick Herrin


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