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October 12, 2008

Mat McBriar roughed up

Text messages from the field shortly after the blocked punt in overtime indicated that Cowboys punter Mat McBriar was pretty hurt on the play.

He was carted off the field after being hit while the punt was blocked.

The official word on McBriar is a sprained right foot.


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When I saw the final play of the game I was initially excited.

I was sure that the refs were going to toss a flag for roughing, resulting in a 1st down.

How was that not a penalty?

Leadership and Discipline. Both must be on Injured Reserve, because neither has shown up for games this season.

Where did you go, Denzel Washington ("Remember The Titans")? The 'Boys need your kind of leadership, discipline and caring to turn this bunch of misfit individuals into a cohesive team that plays like they remember and respect the other 10 people on the field with them.

A team of strong, talented individuals needs a strong, disciplined coach to get the best out of them, and Mr. Friendly Wade will not be the one to get it done.

Why is it that someone always needs to be fired with Cowboys Fans? Special teams players need to do their jobs. You can only coach them so far. Also, they are not GMs that hired these sorry players.

On the KO return there were several missed tackles. Now if one of those idiots would have done their jobs we would not be having this conversation.

Time for Wade to go.
He never blames the players for their lack of play, he always has excuses.
Blame lies on the whole team.
This team is a disgrace.
Jerry Please Please bring back the "Jimster" !!!!!

Special teams coach needs to go with the head coach. I'm very disappointed in Cowboys over all and it always starts at the top and you can only blame Jerry he hired both.

They (Cowboys) need to fire the special teams coach.

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