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October 28, 2008

No Brad Johnson Bashing

CBS 11 sports reporter and Mr. Do It All Steve Dennis co-hosts a radio show with Terrell Owens on Tuesday nights from the House of Blues in downtown Dallas. On his set up during the show he said they were going to try not to let the show become a Brad Johnson bashing session.
"Not on my show," Owens told Dennis.
What a shame. Owens has made a living killing quarterbacks  - Jeff Garcia, Donovan McNabb, Drew Bledsoe, etc. - but he's not taking the bait on Johnson.
Maybe a few more two-catch games will change his mind.

- Mac Engel


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No player should ever openly bash a QB. Given T.O.'s history, maybe this is a sign of maturity. Other than a couple of mutterings after the Washington and Cincy game, T.O. has towed the company line. I don't know how the Cowboys could have Witten, Roy Williams, and T.O. on the field and not justify using a much bigger arm in Brooks Bollinger. I think Brad Johnson is deserving of respect, but this franchise can't be content with dink and dunk 8 yard completions with no yards after the catch. The Giants will be all over the screen to Barber. It's time to take a risk in the unknown playmaking ability of Bollinger, we know what we got in BJ. I need my biggest weapon T.O. to get fed! Give Roy Williams more than 2 receptions as well.

Hey G-Men,

The media will never push aside the Cowboys so long as they remain America's Team. That nickname is actually deserving. The Cowboys have fans in every state across the nation and most are extremely loyal. Thats why ESPN cant stop talking about them...it brings ratings.

the cowgirls stink and are dragging down the nfc east. Since your 'girls last had any relevance, all 3 other teams in the div have made runs at the Super Bowl and of course your daddies, the G-Men kicked your cow-butts all up and down your own turf in last year's playoffs. when will the media finally shove them aside like other once-great franchises like the 49'ers, Rams and Dolphins?

Yeah maybe a few more 2 catch games will change his mind, or maybe it wont.

Maybe TO will NEVER "tear this team apart" as he was supposed to when we signed him.

Maybe he will continue to be the main guy on the sidelines that actually looks like he cares about the game and acts professionally during and after every one...despite how his words may get twisted sometimes.

Maybe he will break out in the second half when Tony comes back and help lead this team to the playoffs and our first postseason win in over 11 years, and maybe more....

Mac, give the dude a break.

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